ASC-R6IR-JACK, ASC-R6IR-JACK, ASC-R6-JACK, MPD-xxV-N, MPDI-MOD-XX, MHPDI-MOD-XX, xDSL Terminal Block, Power Sourcing Equipment, ASC-R6-JACK, AMF-R6-20, AMF-R6-10ES


Ethernet Equipment
  - PoE Equipment
Midspan PSE
End-point PSE
Splitter Type PD
Module Type PD
  - PoE Extender
  - Surge
POTS Splitter
  - xDSL
Lamp Driver
Inductor / Transformer
  - POTS Splitter / Micro Filter
  - ADSL Line Transformer
  - POE Transformer
HIC (Hybrid IC)

1-port Midspan PSE(10 up to 100 Base-T, US DOE Level , MPSE-4803E)

Up to 15.4W PSE Output Power
10/100 Base-T(Option 1000Base-T)
Low Power Consumption in Ready-Mode and High Efficiency (US DOE Level Compliant)
IEEE802.3af Fully Compliant (PD(Powered Device) Detection, Classification)

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