Welcome to our Website !

Our Vision is keeping our forerunner's position in

- developing/manufacturing products
- providing solutions related to Broadband Access Networks essential for informationized era utilizing media, such as
- twist pair
- wireless(RF)
- coaxial cable
- optical fiber
- power line

We will exert our every effort in satisfying customers in quality and competitiveness with our philosophy of
- to be faithful to basics
- entrepreneurship

Thank you.

ASC-R6IR-JACK, ASC-R6IR-JACK, ASC-R6-JACK, MPD-xxV-N, MPDI-MOD-XX, MHPDI-MOD-XX, xDSL Terminal Block, Power Sourcing Equipment, ASC-R6-JACK, AMF-R6-20, AMF-R6-10ES
Won, Je-Hyuk
President & CEO